List: Sensors (June 2015)

Data is the starting point of every analysis. Here’s a list of sensors I am currently using.

Power meters:

-Power2Max (first gen. after minor change): very basic, reliable, quick reaction to intensity changes. Spider-type.

-Pioneer (second gen.): pedaling technique visualization (useful especially indoors, less so on the road). Crank-type.

-Garmin Vector 2: some advanced metrics (though of doubtful value during ride). Pedal-type with pod.

-PowerTap P1 (ordered): pedal-type.

Biometric sensors:

-SmO2: Moxy: NIRS sensor giving raw data of (remaining) O2 saturation in blood flow of muscles. Currently the only sensor for home use to actually show what’s going on in the specific muscles, although it is still a somewhat indirect measure that requires interpretation. Potential to show you how to warm up most effectively, what systems your weak points are, whether you are really at your limit, etc. Learned for example that my left and right legs are so completely different even when riding at a 50% to 50% balance. Possibly revolutionary to training.

-HR: Garmin (chest, ANT+), 4iiii (chest, ANT+ and BT), Mio (arm, ANT+ and BT).

-LT: BSX insight: was only able to do few rides so far: I do not seem to be the only one with connection issues. Concept of measuring LT might not be the holy grail anymore when you can now have SmO2 data instead.

Data collection:

-NorthPoleEngineering WASP-B with iOS app.