It has been quite a while since I blogged. If I remember correctly, I used to write seriously about serious books I read, books about math, logic, science, philosophy, psychology or the forgotten truths of war history. Or post some of the photographs I had taken as a hobby photographer. That was once upon a time, when books were still made of paper and images were burnt onto film and needed to be processed in fluids before being scanned. I even switched platforms a few times to keep up with changing technology or fashion, until having a blog seemed so old fashioned in a world that Facebook and Twitter started to rule, a world of shallow, sometimes smart, more often stupid thought snippets.

Why start a blog? Now?

I miss the thinking that I have to force myself to in order to put halfway acceptable thoughts into halfway acceptable words. I miss the capability to review and correct those thoughts. I miss me using language in long, halfway thoughtful sentences. But words aren’t as omnipotent as they used to be, and in this digital age, those words need to be backed and connected with images and data, both of which are digital. As much as I love paper and pencil, a paper diary simply wouldn’t do.

Why not a private, restricted access site then? Why a public blog?

To barely keep open the possibility to learn from others, from comments, not that I’d be planning to get a lot of comments on here. Or to link to blog entries to provide background data when posting on forums and interacting with support staff in order to solve problems with half-baked, error-ridden electronic devices that still open new ways of understanding the world … or at least a bit of what happens when you ride a bicycle.

Sounds absolutely irrelevant to the future of mankind, doesn’t it?


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