List: Websites (June 2015)

TrainingPeaks: Storage for all training data, use to plan and check training by fitness, fatigue and training load measures from power meter data. I am not a gifted athlete and I learned that the closing the right training intensity without under as well as over training is not easy. This should help proper management of my training intensity.

TrainerRoad: Sheer endless variations of training rides for all kinds of purposes, duration and intensity, scaled to your FTP, structured into training plans. Clients for iOS, Win and Mac. Speed-based virtual power for those without a power meter yet. Frequent updates and excellent customer service.

CyclingAnalytics: Neat visualization of power data. Scripting for own analysis. Statistical comparison with data of other members for example of max average power and power weight ratio. For me, this replaces participating in races as a goal or for bench marks.

Cyclo-Sphere: Post-ride analysis of pedaling technique using time and scatter plots. Separate analysis for sitting vs standing.

Garmin connect: Time and map plots of rides.

Information sources: DC Rainmaker blog, Jürgen Pansy’s Blog, Cycling Center Dallas, Moxy forum, etc.

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