List: Bicycles and trainers (June 2015)


Cannondale Super Six 5 (2012): designed at a time when comfort didn’t count much, this bike changes force very effectively into speed, but is uncomfortable and tiring over long distances. Luckily that is not a problem when riding mostly indoors. At 71.5 degrees head angle, which is surprisingly one of the steeper head angles for a 44cm size frame, handling is nimble enough and not bad.

Panasonic custom geometry track bike (ordered): this is my first custom ordered frame with a fully self designed geometry. Taking mountain bike forward geometry as an inspiration, I combined a long top tube with a short stem and balanced rider weight by employing ultra short chainstays as well. With such sub 50cm frames, toe overlap can be a problem leading most designs to head angles of 70 or less degrees, but this design achieves a relatively steep head angle of 72.5 degrees, which should be comparable in handling to the classic 74 degrees on the longer wheelbase of a standard, say, 55cm frame, with zero toe overlap.

Turbo trainer: Wahoo KICKR

Roller: TruTrainer

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